Whether you own a residential or commercial pool, repairs are an inevitable aspect of good maintenance. When your pool is not sparkling clear or is inoperable, the experts at United Pools are here and ready to help you with their knowledge and expertise. We have been providing superior quality service to homeowners and business owners in Lake, Sumter and Marion counties since 1974. Our technicians are versed on the latest technologies and innovation in pool equipment and repair. United Pools is committed to delivering the best service in the pool industry to make you happy. Give us a call to schedule your pool or spa maintenance at 352-728-2093.


Our highly trained technicians are skilled and qualified to handle any of your
pool equipment needs:


  • DE Filter Grids, Cartridge Elements and Sand Filters -Does your pool filter need to be changed? Do you know what type of filtration system you have…DE grids, cartridge elements or sand filter? If you are not familiar or do not want to be bothered let United Pools do it for you.


  • Salt Systems (Sales and Service) - Did you know that you can use ordinary table salt to produce all the chlorine your pool needs? It’s safe, effective and automatic. No more hassles of hauling those chlorine tablets by the bucket load. Call United Pools today and ask about Salt Systems.


  • Equipment Automation (Wireless Controls) - Don't stress over the scheduling and operation of you pools filtration cycles or heating your pool. Relax and let an automated control system do it for you. Call United Pools to find out how to take control of your pool with complete automation and wireless control.

  • Equipment Upgrades - Are you ready to upgrade your old pool pump to a new one that circulates your water more efficiently and runs more quietly? Do you want a new filtration system that is more energy efficient and better at removing dirt, hair and body oils? Do you want to cut your chlorine costs? Call United Pools to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment.


  • Motors / Pumps repairs or replacement - Do you have a loud and annoying pool pump? Are you wanting to save money by cutting energy cost from you pool equipment? Call United Pools today to find out more about the latest technology in pool pumps.


  • Plumbing leaks or repairs - If you need a part replaced like a multi-port valve, diverter valve, check valve, back wash valve, we stock the most commonly used parts for quick repair. When it comes to plumbing pool equipment let the professionals at United Pools do the job for you.


  • Pool Cleaners (Sales and Service) - United Pools sells and installs all makes and
    models of pool sweeps. If you are unsure of which pool sweep to choose,
    just give us a call.


  • Heaters – Solar, gas or heat pump - Pool heaters allow you to heat your pool to a comfortable temperature efficiently all year long. Call United Pools today to discuss which system is best for you.


  • Lighting - Are you in the dark about choosing the best lighting for your pool? Traditional incandescent is still the preference for many due to the comparatively low cost; however, LED is becoming a trending favorite. Call the experts at United Pools today and ask about color changing LED lighting.



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