The Green Revolution… it's real, it's big, and it's growing!

Join us in the revolution toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable pool industry. Demand is exploding for products that save money and conserve resources. The replacement and retrofit opportunities are substantial. Going green is a way to capture market share and differentiate your company.

Introducing Eco Select™

When you see the Eco Select brand on one of our products, you'll know it is our "greenest" and most efficient product in that equipment category. Our dedicated "green" team of senior staff members will ensure hey are the most eco-friendly, economically attractive, and reliable on the market. United Pools uses green technology in our daily pool repair and maintenance services.

Give us a call if you'd like more information on our green technologies at (352) 728-2093 or use our online contact form and send us a message and one of United Pools customer service reps will get back to you ASAP.

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