Green Pool Clean-Up

Is your pool green? If so, the experts at United Pools can help!

A green pool is unsightly.  It can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria. A Green pool that sits too long can also stain your pool.

Staining requires the draining of the pool and a chemical bath to remove the stain.  It is best to avoid such a scenario in the first place. However, most pool owners do experience a green pool problem from time to time.

There is no magical way to turn a green pool back to clear overnight.  Restoring a pool can sometimes be problematic and costly if you take this endeavor on yourself.  The process for cleaning a green pool depends mostly on the severity of the problem.  Some pools may be treated with chemicals and constant circulation of the pool water by running the pump continuously for several days.

If you can see the bottom of your pool, a chemical shock may be sufficient to remedy your algae problem. Our experts apply an aggressive chemical shock over a 3 to 5-day period, clean the filters, and brush surfaces. When the water is clear, we will rebalance the chemistry, and you will be ready to swim again. Most green pools are best cleaned by draining the pool, cleaning out the debris, scrubbing the pool walls with a chlorine wash, refilling the pool water, and balancing the pool chemicals.

Who uses our Green Pool Clean-Up services? Anyone with a green pool!


Many homeowners attempt to clean green pools themselves utilizing various pool chemicals.  Yet, if you are not sure what you are doing, you could end up spending countless hours and hundreds of dollars unnecessarily. United Pool's certified pool and spa technicians will get your pool clean and balanced in no time.


Purchasing a foreclosed home is a great way to pick up a terrific deal on a house. However, foreclosed homes typically have been abandoned or neglected for months, even years. United Pools, Inc can make the process of cleaning an unsightly and neglected pool as hassle-free and trouble-free as possible.

From time-sensitive cleanups to bond-required photos for billing, United Pools is your go-to company for foreclosure pool clean-ups in Central Florida.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents utilize United Pools, Inc for the quickest green pool turn around service.

The house may be in immaculate condition; however, ignoring the unsightly green pool in the backyard could potentially lose the sale.

Give us a call now for an evaluation and free quote for algae removal at (352) 728-2093 or use our online contact form and send us a message and one of United Pools customer service reps will get back to you ASAP.

What your neighbors say about United Pools

I was recently a customer of United Pools, Inc. I had the great pleasure of dealing with Mr. Stewart, Jr., who was very patient and flexible with the handling of my request for a pool. Mr. Stewart listened to my ideas and also offered his opinions to better suit my needs. Construction began in the middle of May 2006 and my family was swimming in our enclosed pool within a few short months. The hard working employees of United Pool were just that, hard working. They would begin work early in the morning and would not leave until that portion of their work was done, which was usually later in the evening. Each employee and subcontractor treated my property with respect. My yard was cleaned up after each workday and never left in disarray. I decided to make a few adjustments during construction and contacted Mr. Stewart about my ideas. He was receptive to my changes and assured the changes were done immediately. My family has been enjoying not only the pool but the lanai as well. Mr. Stewart and the entire United Pool Company has managed to create a new love for my home, one that we will enjoy for many years to come. Thank you to everyone at United Pools for making our home improvement project run smoothly. We got the exact pool we wanted.

Nick and Christine Romanelli

We just wanted to let all of you know how much we have appreciated your attention to excellent customer service. We have had a truly wonderful experience since Day 1 with Tom our Pool and Spa designer. Each week there has been something completed or worked on and the crew has been very professional. If something has gone wrong, your crew and staff have been right on top of it informing us on the procedures. The attention to detail from your staff has been nothing but professional and honest. We have referred United Pools, Inc. to several of our friends and co-workers both at The Orlando Sentinel and Walt Disney World! This has been a very exciting process and we will definitely let all of you know the final outcome, which we know will be fantastic! Thank you all again!

Ken Brown & Vic Getchel

This is to let you know how pleased I was with the service and effort of Tony in draining, acid washing, refilling and balancing our pool last Wednesday and Thursday. He did a great job. Also, Terry is a wonderful representative of the Leesburg store. Always upbeat and helpful she’s super. Shanon is also cheery and helpful. All 3 represent themselves and United Pool in a most excellent manner and are to be commended for the work they do and for caring for the customer - - great customer focus. We greatly appreciate all that they have done for us.

Larry Haid