March 23, 2018

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Five Pool Safety Tips for Dogs

March 29, 2018

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Signs Your Pool May Need Repair

March 20, 2018

With the Summer’s heat slowly approaching, you will make good use of your pool in order to keep cool. Preventative care and maintenance of your pools is key to being able to enjoy your pool year after year.



To ensure you enjoy the beautiful blue pool each summer, it is important to know and look out for signs that your pool may need repair.


Pool pumps are essential to the enjoyment of your pool, and should a problem arise, contact a service technician at United Pools, Inc. United Pools, Inc is Lake County's oldest pool and spa repair company. 


The most obvious warning sign is if your pump is not functioning or turning on at all. A pool without a pump can lead to a dirty, murky or even a green pool. Noisy pumps, or pumps making peculiar noises are also an indicator that your pump may need repair.


In addition, pumps suck water from the pool through the filtration system in order to keep it crystal clear. If you notice your pool is not pulling water, or notice signs of air in the pump basket, the pump could be malfunctioning.


The pool filter is an also an essential part of your pool system. Cracks, leaks, and holes can affect the performance of your filtration system and require repair. Due to the nature of the pool filter, it is best to contact a service technician to ensure valves and other working parts in your pool filtration system are repaired properly and effectively.


As always, make sure to keep up with routine maintenance. Inspect your pool regularly and contact a service technician when pool repair may be warranted. At United Pools, we provide expert pool repair services such as pump & motor replacement, filter repair & replacement. The next time a problem arises with your pool don’t delay – get the repair expertise that the Leesburg, The Villages, Florida area has depended on since 1974!


Call us at 352-728-2093 or visit us online at United Pools, Inc.





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